About centre

The R&D Center is a scientific unit equipped with the modern equipment for scientific research in field of the development of new methods of isolation, ex vivo expansion and cryopreservation of human stem cells from different sources, the creation of three-dimensional tissue-engineering transplants. Furthermore, we focus on the introduction and development the new in vitro approaches to assess the functional and therapeutic properties of our ATMPs

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The R&D Center of the Institute of Cell Therapy implemented advanced technologies for the processing of cell and tissue products according to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP specific to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Brussels, 22.11.2017 C (2017) 7694 final) and intended for use in humans in accordance with the regulatory framework of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Ministry of Health Order of October 10, 2007 No. 630) and the directives of the European Parliament and the Council 2004/23/EC, 2006/17/EC, 2006/86/EC)

Currently, the R & D Center, in close cooperation with the PlacentaStemCell laboratory and the production unit for the manufacture of cell and tissue products (ATMPs Manufacturing Unit), has developed a technology for manufacturing such cell and tissue products:

  • placenta-derived MSCs
  • umbilical cord-derived MSCs
  • adipose tissue-derived MSCs
  • bone marrow-derived MSCs
  • chondrocytes from intervertebral discs
  • amniotic membrane
Low-temperature cryopreservation laboratory

develops protocols for cryopreservation of different populations of stem
cells and human tissues. Based on research by PlacentaStemCell laboratory, R&D Center developed a protocol for cryopreservation of human placenta tissue, which allows isolating placental MSCs after thawing of frozen tissue samples. This technology has helped to optimize the creation of a low-temperature bank of placenta-derived MSCs product for further clinical trials and therapeutic applications. Also, these scientific studies have allowed Cryobank to introduce services for autologous banking of umbilical cord and placenta tissues as a rich source of MSCs

Clinical trials

The R&D Center, in collaboration with the leading research institutes of the National Academi of Medical Science of Ukraine, successfully completed clinical trials on the treatment of corneal ulcers, critical lower limb ischemia, and acute pancreatic necrosis. We are currently conducting clinical studies on the effectiveness of cell therapy for a number of diseases

Collaboration with PlacentaStemCell laboratory

R&D Centre engaged in fundamental research conducted at the PlacentaStemCell laboratory because we believe that without science it is impossible to produce high-quality innovative work and provide the services of the highest world level


Our team

11 employees
6 PhD in biology
2 Senior Research Fellow

A highly professional team of 11 employees, which includes 6 PhDs (Ph.D. in biology) and 2 senior researchers, solves the tasks of developing biotechnologies for the isolation, expansion, genetic modification, cryopreservation of various types of stem cells. Due to the high professional level of the team, the Institute of Cell Therapy actively participates in international clinical trials (STEMTRA, NCT02416492) and the “INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR TRANSLATING RESEARCH ON PERINATAL DERIVATIVES INTO THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES” project. You can review the research projects and publications of the Institute of Cell Therapy at the PlacentaStemCell Lab by following the links in the PSCL Research and PSCL Publications

R&D Centre Equipment

R&D Centre is equipped with modern equipment necessary for research in the field of stem cells, genetic modification, and preclinical studies. In close cooperation with the Laboratory of Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), we carry out scientific research dedicated to genome editing in stem cells

The center includes
  • Cell culture laboratories
  • low-temperature cryopreservation laboratory
  • cell immunophenotyping laboratory
  • molecular genetics laboratory